RR to Shotgrid or Ftrack - requirements

RR has prepared a shotgun and FTrack connection.

To make them work, RR requires to know the Sequence/Shot of your rrJob.

You may want to submit some jobs to verify that the Seq-Shot-Version is shown right in rrControl before enabling the project tracker connection.

There are two ways to tell RR which Sequence/Shot your rrJob belongs to:

  1. Filename/Folder parser
    If your naming convention of a folder or filename contains all information, you can use "Get Sequence - Shot - Version from" in rrConfig, menu jobs, tab Job Behaviour.

    Example: Your scene filename contains "sq0150_sh85_v001.".
    In this case you enter: 

  2. An on-submission python script "calcSeqShotVersion".
    You have to edit the python script via the rrSubmitter menu "On-Submission Scripts" to make it work with your naming convention.
    Then enable it in the rrJob settings. (Can be enabled by default via the rrSubmitter menu Default Values)

RR to Shotgrid or Ftrack - setup

Please open rrConfig, Menu Connectivity, tab Project Tracking and enable either FTrack or Shotgrid.

Enter your settings and follow the steps to setup the required setting inside your FTrack or Shotgrid.

Shotgrid note:
There are three different versions of the Shotgrid connection. 
Depending on how you have setup Shotgrid, you might need to copy the files from the files from 

The different versions are:

  • Shot
  • Sequence-Shot
  • Sequence_Shot

RR to Shotgrid or Ftrack - how does it work

Once you have enabled the connection, you have new on-submission/preview/post-render scripts available in your job settings.

You can disable/enable/hide these script just like any other job setting for a project/user or render app.
For example if you want to disable it for Nuke or Batch Execute jobs.
Please see rrSubmitter Default Values.

  1. On-submission script
    The most important one is the on-submission script.
    This script uses the rrJob information like Seq-Shot-Version to get your shot inside the project tracker.
    Once it got the shot, it adds the shot ID to the rrJob and adds an information about the submission to your project tracker.
    Without the shot ID in the rrJob, all other scripts will fail.

  2. Preview - Update Stats
    Once the preview frames are done, the information in your project tracker is updated.

  3. Preview - Images
    Once the preview frames are done, RR uploads the preview images to your project tracker.

  4. Finished - Update Stats
    Once the job finished, the information in your project tracker is updated (e.g. render time).

  5. Finished - Quicktime
    RR uploads a small quicktime to your project tracker.
    Note: This requires Create Video post-script to be enabled for the job as well.