You can override settings like verbose messages, image size or render quality (AntiAliasing).

It will trigger different commandline flags that are set in the render config of the render application you use.

So you can have for example set a resoltion of FULL HD (1920x1080) in your scene, but render a small PAL quicktime version of it.

(Or render both without changing anything in your scene)

Verbose Level

Select one of the verbose levels defined in the render config of the app.

Render Quality

Select one of the render quality settings defined in the render config of the app.

Image Size

Overrides the image size.

Image Type

Overrides the image type.



You can enter commandline flags which will be added to the commandline.

Please see your renderers documentation for a list of all available flags.

User Defined

If you want to use a commandline flag more often, you can add a new switch for the commandline flag in the render config.

You can add any commandline flag with checkbox and up to two numberical values.

See Custom submitter options



The Email plugin will compare the user and company project of the job with the names in rrConfig/Logins.

If a match is found, the plugin sends an email to the address you have set for the login.


The artist on a machine will get a message that the job is done.

As it does not work if nobody is logged in, nor if the machine is off, nor on linux, using the rrMessage notification is recommended.


The artist on a machine will get a message that the job is done.

See help section rrControl/rrMessage


Some notification plugins require to set a machine as target for the notification.


This section allows you to select any existing job to wait for.

If you want to wait for jobs that you have inside the current rrSubmitter, then please use the "wait for pID" column in the table with the jobs.

Start After

You can start a job after a specific time.

 Wait for Job

The job will wait for other jobs before it is started.

If the other job waits for an Approval, this job does not start.