Example: How to create a custom nuke post-script to create videos


Before you create a Nuke scripts to encode Videos, check the help files of rrCreateVideo.

It support imprints, slates, watermarks and a lot of codes and easier to setup.

  • Create a nuke file with loader and movie saver.
    Save it to into the folder [RR]\render_apps\_prepost_scripts\

  • Then you open your nuke file in a text editor as well as this file [RR]\render_apps\_prepost_scripts\additional\post10__NukeProres_Convert.nk
    Search for all variables with ** in our Nuke file and and do the same replacements in your file. Do not forget to add "" for in and out in case you want to use folders or files with spaces.
    Note: You can add any other variable for e.g. for a text with layer or camera name. You have to add them to the post-script config file as well.

  • Copy the file [RR]\render_apps\_prepost_scripts\additional\post10__NukeProres.cfg
    into [RR]\render_apps\_prepost_scripts
    Rename the file if you want to use multiple Nuke scripts.

  • Edit this post-script config file.
    Change   post10__NukeProres_Convert.nk   to the name of your Nuke script.
    Optional: Change the name  NukeProres   in case you want to use multiple different post-scripts.
    Optional: Change the output name and/or folder by replacing <ImageDirComplete><..\><ImageFilename>_prores.mov     (do not replace <PD/ and the last >)
                   You can use and absolute (\\fileserver\share\....) or relative paths (<SceneFolder><..\><..\>MyVideos\). 
                   You can use any render config variables like <SceneFolder>, <ImageDirComplete>, <CompanyProjectRootFolder>.

Your post-script is now ready to use for new or existing (rrControl/job settings) jobs.

Different Nuke scripts per project

You might need to use different nuke script per company project.

E.g. to imprint the project number/name/client like   "2015.08.2  Coke" or because different projects use different frames/sec.

An easy solution is to copy your nuke file into   \\fileserver\...\project X\rrPostscriptVideo.nk  of each project (and into the empty preset folder for new projects in case you have such an empty project folder).

Then edit the post-script config file and replace